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  1. click the blue button of the chosen job post.
  2. read the job qualifications, descriptions and responsibility.
  3. properly fill-up application form which includes fields for name, email and mobile number.
  4. attached your resume in word, pdf or powerpoint format. make sure that your resume is 500KB or less.
  5. click the I'm not a robot
  6. click submit button
  7. hr group will confirm your application through email, sms or call.


  1. pindutin ang blue button ng napiling trabaho.
  2. basahin ang kwalipikasyon, deskripsyon at mga responsibilidad.
  3. punan ang aplikasyon kasama ang pangalan, email at mobile number
  4. i-attach ang iyong resume na nasa anyong word, pdf or powerpoint. siguraduhing ang iyong resume ay nasa 500KB o mas mababa.
  5. pindutin ang I'm not a robot
  6. pindutin ang submit button
  7. ang aming hr ay makikipag-ugnayan sa iyo sa pamamagitan ng email, sms or tawag.

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